Struggling to remember what you did for your birthday last year?

You’re not alone! Better yet, you’ve just found the quickest, easiest, most FUN way to cherish your birthday memories, year after year. Get a sneak peek inside The Birthday Journal below.

The Birthday Journal is perfect for you, your BFF, your kid’s teacher or anyone who’s mildly deserving of a spectacularly useful and thoughtful gift.
  • Includes writing prompts on every page to help you quickly jot down your favorite memories and milestones for each year, including what you did for your birthday (is that stating the obvious?!)
  • Filled with beautiful art and funny and inspiring quotes that you can color. 
  • Includes enough pages for up to 40 birthdays, plus a bucket list, favorite memories, birthday questionnaire and lots more birthday fun. 
  • The entire journal is also a coloring book!

What fun will you find inside?

Journal pages for each birthday year

It doesn’t matter if you start this journal when you’re 21, 40 or 96…if you’d like to laugh about, groan over or nostalgize (did you know that was even a word?) your birthday memories year after year, it’s never too late to begin!

Inspiring quotes & writing prompts

Describe the most embarrasing Happy Birthday song ever sung to you? What’s your favorite birthday memory from childhood? Take the quiz to discover your birthday style…all this fun and MORE is inside The Birthday Journal. 

A coloring book & other shenanigans!

Grab some pens, crayons or pencils and color (or doodle) to your heart’s content! Plus, you’ll find a bucket list at the front of the Journal and a goals list at the back, so you can keep track of all your adventures and acomplishments.
10% of net proceeds from every journal sold is donated to causes that support children, like Pencils of Promise and Save the Children.

Thank you!

Who made this Journal, anyway?

The Birthday Journal was created and designed by moi, Maria Saracen, with the “help” of Finn the cat (pictured hard at work, on right). 

I’m a writer, graphic designer and NE Emmy-nominated television producer. As a child, I was often scolded for reading too much, my record being 12 Nancy Drew books in one week! I was raised in South Africa, on a beautiful game reserve, and decided that the only way to stay out of trouble was to read in trees. 

These days, when I’m not making documentaries or designing journals, I love reading stories with my little boy (sadly, not in trees). Watch this space because we’re publishing a book we’re writing together soon. (And, no…it’s not about Finndini the Amazing Escape Artist, but that one should be in the works, too! 😉